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IT Architecture: event-streaming for data liberation

At Ditto, we are building a brand-new data-centric platform that will put our banking and technology services at the service of companies that want to enrich their offering and/or improve their customer experience.
trends 2020

Trends 2020 : Year 1 of fintech market rationalisation

At the dawn of 2020, we take stock of French and European fintech trends with our market expert Edouard Bouvet.

SMBs challenges : difficult access to credit and high overdraft rates

SMBs are an important part of the French economy. However, the banking industry offer does not seem to be adapted to their needs, particularly with regard to obtaining credit.

3 reasons that cause cash flow issues

Increase in activity, late payment delays or increase in stock are causes for cash flow issues. Find out how to protect yourself against it!

Banking-as-a-Service: the 5 reasons for an expected success in 2020

Banking-as-a-Service is a term you hear a lot about in the fintech ecosystem? You wonder why such a craze? Here are the 5 reasons that explain its future success!